8 Simple Things to Consider When You Are Selecting a Blog Niche

Thinking of starting a blog? Have you finalised your blog niche? Hold on for a second.
Do a favour for yourself by looking at these simple yet ignored steps.

Having clarity on the niche you are going to take up is the most important and toughest decision you have to take if you are planning to be a blogger.

I have recently shared a detailed post on how to choose a profitable blog niche. But before jumping into a profitability matter, you have to address the basic issues many wannabe bloggers face every time- How to decide on a blog niche and how to strategise the blogging journey?

Though we cannot strategise everything, in the beginning, it is a good practice if you look at the blogging space to know the details so that at least we know at which direction we will be heading if we take this journey.

If you did it right, there is no doubt that your niche blogging can bring enough traffic to earn decent income and authority in your niche.
Thus before you think of profitability or authority, do consider these tips and strategise your blogging journey accordingly.

8 Things to consider when you are selecting a blog niche.

1. Passion+Interest = Your happy Niche

How to select a blog niche?

While selecting a blog niche, one of the most common mistakes people do is choosing a niche which is trending and doing well in the market.

You may ask -there are a lot of successful bloggers in this trending niche and they are making huge money- what’s wrong if I choose the same niche?

There is nothing wrong but think from a different perspective.  

You will find successful people in almost every walk of life. So can you do all those acts and become successful? Is it practically possible?

Well, the best part about all those success stories is that they all loved whatever they were doing repeatedly over years or decades. They got success because of their passionate and consistent effort.

If you select a blog niche only because others are earning pretty well, you will burn out when the reality hit you. 

There will be no one visiting your blog, none to appreciate your hard work, you will not even be visible in SERP results in the beginning. Ask yourself can you withstand this for months together?

It is the passion or a purpose on a particular subject that keeps humans motivated. 

If you want to be a successful blogger, find a niche that you are passionate about. 

Of Course, everyone has their passion no matter how many times they say I don’t know my passion. Finding that one big thing called Passion is all it takes to keep you motivated and become a successful blogger. 

So, how to find your passion.

Simple! Write down at least 10 topics that interest you the most. Whether it is related to fashion, technology, business, travel, fitness or investment. 

Whatever you name it. 

Now based on your utmost interest, strikeout all the unnecessary subjects from the list.

If you have found a niche you are passionate about and that interests you the most, then there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your passion and goal.

2. Trendy topic – Competition and Success.

Things to consider when selecting a blog niche.

Where there is a competition, there is a success if you play it right. 

If your prefered topic is in the category of trending niches, then you may have to compete with hundreds of other blogs and authority websites.

In such situations, it is better to choose a smaller niche in the same category or choose an altogether different niche and establish your authority as a blogger. 

If you want to compete well with the authority blogs, you may have to have detailed strategies and may have to spend heavily on the advertising

3. Market research- Essential step in selecting a blog niche.

When you have a plan to monetize your blog, you should be worried about how your dream niche is performing in blogging space. 

Without the proper audience, your blog will not grow. As simple as that. 

How to find the audience for your blog?

There are few techniques you can use to look for the performance of the specific niche market when you are selecting a blog niche.

  1. Look at the Google trends(Here is the way how you can best use Google trends) and do your niche market research.
  2. Another simple technique would be looking for the events tab on Facebook. Enter your keyword and hit the events button. You can have a rough idea of how many people are interested in your particular niche. 

However, you cannot depend solely on this metric, because this is the number of people who are actively using Facebook and are interested in these events.

There are always customers or audiences out there who are not there on Facebook. And they are tough to measure online. 

3. The third technique would be looking at the forums in google and related Facebook pages. 

Type your keyword + forum in Google like shown below. That will give you a list of forums available for you to look for. 

How to do a market research in google?

In Facebook, there are pages related to almost every niche. Try to find out and join the relevant groups to know about the buzz. 

For example, if your niche is SEO, social media marketing etc, you will join the digital marketing groups.

Pro tip: Along with digital marketing groups, consider joining the startup groups and business-related groups where the owners are looking for the solutions. You have your main target audience in that group. 

4. Check the competition – Analyse your strength.

Name any niche, there are pro bloggers on that niche exploiting the competition. 

And also some top companies occupying the SERP results. 

Well, I am not discouraging or demotivating you, but your next best growth strategy can come from your competitor’s blog analysis. 

Learn from the industry experts. Look for the micro opportunities that are ignored or missed by authority websites. Start writing quality content around those topics and soon you will see the results.

5. Earning ways – Necessity.

What are all the ways to make money from blogging?

If you are smart enough to promote your blog and bring traffic to your website, then there are possibilities to make some dollars in any niche. 

But the thing is everyone wants to make more money! Right?

So, let’s see how you can earn more from your blog. 

  1. Is your target audience ready and able to spend money on the products or services you offer on your niche?

Note one thing, your offerings should be so unique that your audience cannot refuse it.

Make sure to do proper research before you fix a price for your services. Remember if the product or service you are offering is available somewhere else at a cheaper price or for free, you need to reframe your strategies.

2. Second method would be to monetize your blog with Google AdSense.

Besides this, also look for the possibilities of doing affiliate marketing. Look for the opportunities to promote other creators courses/services.

6. How to grow – Future.

You are starting/started your blog to grow. Grow to be successful and financially

independent. Obviously! Right? 

But have you seen the lifespan and the growth possibilities of your niche?

Also, have you examined your expertise and knowledge? You simply cannot start a blog with the information you have right now on the subject.

You need to sharpen your skills now and then to give relevant information and keep your blog content up to date. 

Always look for the competitors blogs and resources to gain more knowledge. 

Competitors analysis is the best way to know the growth possibilities. 

Also, be prepared to grow yourself to the present market trends.

That is the only way you can grow your blog. 

7.Learn, learn and keep learning – present.

How to choose a blog niche?

Blogging is an ongoing process. As technology changes, you need to educate yourself and keep updating yourself. If you cannot learn, you also cannot teach anyone through your blog.

People visit your blog to consume content that is practical and makes their life easy.

Now do a favour for yourself by asking, are you ready to learn on this niche for the coming years and keep updating yourself?

You may have to write 30-40 posts in a year on your blog. Are you passionate enough to dedicate your big amount of time for writing quality content? The content that is well researched and can help the people on your particular niche. 

8.Previous experience – Past

If you are still struggling to find your perfect niche, I would advise you to look at your life experience. Whether it’s in a job or in business or managing house, or fitness, or travel and so on so forth.

Whatever the experience you have in your life, if someone is looking for any solution to a problem in that niche, you have an audience. 

Don’t forget to do market research. 

If your experience and passion aligned in a straight line, then you are unstoppable. 


Starting a blog is easy, but selecting a blog niche is not an easy job. 

You need to have a clear goal in your specific niche. You have to do a lot of research to get a good idea of your niche and its performance in the present market. 

Not just starting a blog but to keep the journey going you need to have a mix of vitamins like passion, learning zeal, opportunity, competition, growth and earning possibilities. 

Hope this helps in choosing your niche. 

Happy blogging.

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