Hey there, Sheshachal here. Welcome to my blog on blogging! And glad that you checked this section to know about me. I am a marketer turned Digital Marketer. (And I also love travelling(responsibly), biking, hiking and photography)

I write about blogging on this blog.

I never thought I will be a digital marketer but here I am going it passionately.

Let me tell you a small story.

With the busy schedule of offline marketing, I kept myself away from all social media platforms for almost 2 years.

One fine day a 65-year-old retired banker who was now doing a consulting business and had an office next to mine approached me. He wanted more details about Facebooks ads, boosting posts, driving relevant traffic etc.

He was eagerly looking for knowledge so he enquired many youngsters including me. Even he tried boosting his page and post on Facebook on his own but he couldn’t get the proper result.

I had no clue what boosting post means and never thought of Facebook ads. I just wondered what it is. Somehow escaped from him that day.

I couldn’t digest the fact that a 65-year-old man trying his best to bring his business to an online world and I the so-called youngster of the digital age was ignoring this platform despite knowing it’s potential.

This hit me deep and the very day I started searching on google for more information about these platforms. That was the door to me to the world of digital marketing.

Since then I kept on learning digital marketing, implemented many things, took a couple of internships, and kept on upgrading my skills.
Helped companies and individuals to set up a website, and to have a social media presence. Helped that retired banker as well.

You may ask how it is related to blogging.

Let me tell you another small story.

I came from an agricultural background. So I knew the difficulties in it and the mistakes most agriculturists were doing. I wanted to help them to do agriculture in a modern way. It was the year 2013 I started my first blog about sustainable agriculture on a free blogging platform.

I wrote some article about how to do agriculture in a commercial way, how to use less of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, and the importance of organic farming etc.
Got some readers to my blog as well who gave constructive feedbacks timely.

I wanted to enhance my blogs look and content but limitations of the free blog and lack of knowledge of designing, coding, editing etc I couldn’t manage that all. Eventually, I lost interest in it and after almost a year I deleted the entire blog.

So I know the difficulties of blogging as well.

It’s in the year 2018 I started digital marketing. Since then many people asked me questions about blogging, content writing, SEO, how to make money online etc.

So to answer all those questions in one place and help people with the information I know about these platforms, I started this blog.
As I learn new dimensions of blogging I will update it in my blog regularly. So keep an eye on this space if you are a learner😊

I hope you will help me in this journey of information by spreading the word😊

Hey, can I tell a little more about the adventure junkie in me? I love him.
I trekked in the Himalayas, rode my Enfield to the then highest motorable road in the world Khardungla.

About me

Covered almost 3000 km across the mighty mountain roads of Himalayas on a two-wheeler. Trekked to almost every high peaks of southern India.

If I am not engaged in work, you can find me contemplating somewhere on the beaches or in the mountains. My travel love gave me a lot of friends throughout the country.
If you find me somewhere on roads or beaches or mountains in camouflage(yeah I love it) hit me up and say you know me because of this blog, I shall buy you something🎁😉