15 best google fonts for blogging which increase readability.

15 best google fonts for blogging which increase readability.

When I was doing my bit of research about which font is best for blogs, I recalled one incident from my seventh class. After reading my notebook my new science teacher lashed at me saying ‘if you write like this, you won’t pass in your 7th board exams. 

My handwriting was terrible. (Though I cleared exams with good grades, I still remember that incident) 

But why I am telling you all this is that good handwriting matters. Isn’t it? We admire a beautiful handwritten note. No matter if the content in it is useful for us or not we go through it because it looks good.

What is the purpose of writing? To convey what we have to say to our readers. Right? But if you cannot present it pleasantly, no matter what your content is, as a reader I am not going to stress my eyes on such articles.

Same applies to blogs and websites as well. 

Why does the font style matter?

Every person has his own personality, likewise, every font has its own personality too.

The font you’re using on your blogs or website should be easy for the reader’s eyes so that they can read it without strain.

why does the font style matter?

I am sure you didn’t even bother to read a single line in this image.

Fonts significantly affect your blog or website and it’s appearance.  A congested or compressed looking font can ruin everything for you even if you have amazing content. 

Even though you have a well researched, well-crafted content in your blogs or website, if you have a bad font, your readers are going to click on that x button on the upper right-hand corner.

If that is the case, then What is the best Google font for blogs and websites?

Sometimes we find it difficult to choose fonts for our blogs or websites. Because there are a lot of fonts available and we get confused and let our writing style to our machines default.

But what if I tell you that you can choose fonts based on the subject of your blog or website?

In this article, we will look at the best fonts for blogs and websites. Before I list out all the fonts, you should know the psychology of fonts.

As I already said fonts have different personalities. That can create trust or mistrust, give you confidence, make things seem easier to do or make it tough. 

Sounds strange? 

Look at the experiment by Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz about font psychology. 

Their research shows that the way we perceive information can be affected dramatically by how simple or complex the font is.

This research involved two groups of people. One group  received instructions to do a particular exercise in a simple font(Arial) while the other group received the same instructions in a harder to read font(Brush)

What is the best google font for blogs?

The results were surprising. The first group which received instructions in easy to read font estimated to finish the exercise in 8.2 minutes, whereas the other group which received instructions in hard to read font estimated that they may take 15.1 minutes to complete the same exercise.

Song and Schwarz performed a similar experiment with two groups of people involving a sushi recipe.

The group which saw the instructions in the Arial font estimated that preparation of recipe would take 5.6 minutes, while those who read the directions in a more complicated font, expect it to take 9.3 minutes.

From this experiment, it can be understood that different types of fonts appeal to people differently based on the situation.

The clear takeaway from this research is that, if you need to convince a customer or a client to perform some kind of task, you should describe that task in a simple, easy to read font.

How to choose fonts for blogs and websites?

Now you know about the psychology of fonts, let’s see how to choose fonts that best fit for your blog.

How to choose fonts for blogs and websites?

Choosing a font is not an easy task. It should not only look simple and easy to read but also should catch your audience attention and create a psychological response towards your content. 

So let’s jump in.

One thing you should know is about Typeface and Fonts. 

Many people get confused with these two. These are two different things.

The typeface is a category of fonts. For example- Serif, sans serif, Modern, Script etc.

Whereas font is a weight or style of a particular typeface. For example- Ariel, Times new roman, Verdana, Georgia, Lato etc.  

Let’s see what are all the 15 best google fonts for blogging which increase readability.

1. Arial

It is one of the most widely used fonts on the internet. Let’s see how it looks.

Free Google Fonts

Arial was drawn in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders and it belongs to the sans-serif typeface family.

This font always looks good in any of the blogs or websites. If you are using this font, you don’t have to worry about changing the fonts for heading subheading or body text. This looks good in any part of the blog or website. 

2. Verdana

Free Google Fonts

Verdana is one of the most beautiful and my personal favourite font. Designed by Matthew Carter this font also belongs to a sans-serif typeface family. One of the best things about this font is it doesn’t degrade on small resolutions. 

3. Georgia

Free Google Fonts

This font is also designed by Matthew Carter, and it belongs to a serif typeface family. It is an easy to read font so you can use it in your content. 

4. P T Sans

Free Google Fonts

Another one from the sans-serif typeface family. This simple looking font is used widely in many blogs.

5. Lato

Free Google Fonts

Though it came in 2010, because of the availability of different styles, this became popular and one of the widely used fonts. 

6. Oswald

Free Google Fonts

This is also from the sans-serif family. Though it was launched in 2011 it got updates in 2014 which made it more modern. As it looks amazing in a bold letter,  it is perfect for your blog headlines.

7. Roboto

Free Google Fonts.

You may not know this but Roboto font is used by over 2 crore websites. One example is youtube. Yes!

8. Ubuntu

Free Google Fonts.

9. Merriweather.

Free Google Fonts.

10. Helvetica Neue

Free Google Fonts.

11. Open sans.

Free Google Fonts.

12. P T Sans

Free Google Fonts.

13. Source Sans Pro

Free Google Fonts.

14. Bitter.

Free Google Fonts.

15. Oxygen

Free Google Fonts.

Hope you noticed the differences in these fonts and you picked your favorite one.


All these above-mentioned fonts are free google fonts which you can use in your blogs or websites to make it more professional looking.

It is important to know about font psychology and how you can use it to bring more readers to your blogs.

If you chose simple and the right font, your blog/websites readability will definitely increase.

Hope this article helped you in choosing the right font for your blog.

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*This blog is in Verdana Font.

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