A Practical Guide On How To Choose A Profitable Blog Niche

“Blog Niche” – sounds fancy, isn’t it?

You know what?

  • I want to start a blog, but the problem is I don’t know how and what to write about. 
  • My knowledge on this topic is well and good, but man! I have pretty good knowledge on so many other topics as well. Which one to choose?
  • My passion and expertise are in this field, but I am not sure it will work or not!

Well, if you are getting any of these thoughts, let me tell you one thing, you are not alone. Don’t worry!

Most of the bloggers have faced this challenge and spent hours and hours researching for the perfect niche.

(Check out this simple 8 points guide to choose a perfect Blog Niche)

Though starting a blog is pretty much an adventure, with the information overload, it becomes a challenging task to filter your thoughts into a single topic. But it is the basic and most important part of starting a profitable blog.

That’s what we are going to practice in this article.

Ready? Let’s get started then. 🏁


If you are an absolute beginner to blogging, chances are you may not be knowing what a niche is.

In simple words, Niche is the subject or the topic on which you are going to write articles on your blog.

Starting a blog is a pretty exciting process. Writing a lot of posts, designing logos and images, customizing the appearance of your blog, driving relevant traffic from google, advertising on social media, connecting with the same tribe of people, and leveraging your experience to help them, isn’t it amazing?

But on the base of all, you have to decide on one important thing, that is your Blog Niche, and should stick to it from the day one of your blogging journeys.

For example, Blogging Details is all about starting a blog, customizing it, SEO, affiliate marketing, and growing your blog into a business. Though it may sound like a lot of topics, the base of this is blogging. 

Interesting fact– All the money-making Niches come under 3 major markets.

Health, Wealth, Relationship. You can add Leisure to this list. 

How to choose a blog niche?

Check any successful blog, the majority of them fall under one of these markets.

For example, Weight loss, cooking, vegan diet, Yoga, etc come under the Health category.

Investments, stocks, Insurance, Real estate, tax saving, etc come under the Wealth category. 

Likewise, Love, Dating advice, Baby care, Parenting, Customer care, etc come under the core market of relationships. 

Whereas Travel, trekking, hiking, surfing, etc can be classified into the category of the Leisure market. But you can even classify these leisure market under any of the other 3 core market categories according to the circumstances. 

For example, there are travel blogs that talk about how to make money while traveling (Wealth), whereas some vlogs specifically talk about hiking for couples(Relationship) and some blogs talk about how traveling is good for mental health(Health)


The question here is, why can’t I write on anything and everything.

Why do I have to stick to a single niche or subject?

Well, there is no written rule in blogging to stick to a single niche.

But to monetize your blog, you need a section of people who get benefit from your work. You need to serve them well with the information, build trust, and then build a community of such people so that you can offer paid services for them and promote affiliate products and services. 

That’s why I say blogging is sharing your expertise on a particular subject to a particular section of people who are looking for solutions.

When you write about a particular subject or topic on your blog, it not only increases your knowledge but also builds an authoritative image for yourself.

Now imagine you write about fashion today, travel tomorrow, and politics on the other day. Who is your audience? If those who came to read about travel will not find relevant articles tomorrow in your blog, they will not bother to look at your site again. 

On the other hand, when people come to read about travel to your travel blog and find other relevant articles, there is a sure chance that they are interested in all of your work as well. Make sense?

So let’s look at the practical way to find your profitable blog niche.


Listen to the experts. 

Well, I am not asking you to go to some experts to ask for help. 

When it comes to choosing a blog niche, every expert out there says one common thing that is, choose your passion. I am not going to tell you anything different.

Imagine you research, write, talk, walk, eat, sleep a single topic. 

Can you find that burning desire to do a certain task? If yes, then you got your perfect niche. 

Having said that, if your topic is not relevant to the platform, then that may not be the Niche for your blog. 

For example, you love singing or dancing. You can dedicate your life to it.

Should you be blogging about it? The answer is a simple NO. You better choose audio/video sharing platforms like youtube.

Then on what type of topics I can blog?

Should I only concentrate on the money-making niche? Should I sacrifice my passion?

How to find a profitable blog niche?

The answer lies in the balance. If your experience, passion, and money possibility align together then it is sure that you will be a successful blogger. 

How to find a profitable blogging niche?

If you enjoy talking about topics like- traveling, adventure, fashion, cooking, money-making online, entrepreneurship, fitness, etc, you can say that any of these topics can be a super successful blog in the future. 

Got my point? Never choose a topic that is not relevant to the platform.

Blogging is sharing your experience through words.

Ask yourself a question, will I enjoy writing about this in the coming years?

Identify your target audience.

Ready with the topic of your interest and choice?

The next thing you should do is getting clarity on your core market and knowing which segment of people, you want to serve. 

To get regular and recurring traffic to your blog, you need to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. To become an expert, you need both experience and knowledge. 

Both of these will come from the day to day activities you do or the topic you always love to talk about. 

By knowing your strength you can easily identify the segment of people who are interested in those topics. That is your target audience. 

For example, you are the go-to person in your circle to get information about Local Travel.

Why don’t you start a travel blog and put your expertise and experience of exploring your places out there to the people who are looking for it? 

Start small and establish yourself as an expert in your Niche. 

Find the loophole.

When you search the internet about the possible Niches, you notice that there is a blog on almost every possible Niche. Some big authority websites are dominating the entire core market. 

Is it a good idea to put our first piece of content to go toe-to-toe with those giants?

If you have a better piece of content then you can start publishing it regularly. But, a better approach would be to find a loophole in the existing market. 

The best way to find a loophole in the existing market is by researching the popular blogs in your niche. 

Let’s take the same example of local travel here.

You may notice that popular travel blogs mention the attractions of your local place. 

But they are not providing in-depth details about the place. 

If you are writing about that place, talk about the history, mystery, and the tales of the place. Talk about the seasons, precautions, etc. 

Do detailed keyword research.

(Believe me, it’s not that difficult)

OK, here comes one more important step. Make sure your niche has a big enough market and you can make a profit out of it. 

For example, let’s take trekking as a niche.

Head straight to Google Trends.

How to find a blogging niche?

Enter the search term and choose the relevant country or you can keep it default to see the trends in the US. Hit enter.

Google trends search statistics.

Choose the past 5 years as shown in the image to see a 5-year trend of the topic.

Trekking has hit the lowest point of the past 5 years in the march. You know the obvious reason. But this term is picking up slowly again. 

And the last 5 years’ trends clearly show that it is only going to increase from here onwards.

So, I can go on with this topic. If you see a declining trend, it is a danger signal and you should stay away from that niche because fewer people are searching for that term year by year. So there will be no market for you in the future. 

Go micro-niche. 

Head straight to Google and search your topic. See how many search results you get.

Search result for your topic.

After finalizing your niche based on the trends, it’s time to look for the competition. 

That looks like a lot of searches. The topic Trekking seems to be a broad term to target for a beginner. Big companies are competing for the SERP results. 

You may have to struggle for years to appear on the search results competing with the big guys. 

So should I leave this topic which interests me most?

No! You can avoid competition with the big players by picking a smaller niche. 

Head over to google again and type your keyword then hit space. Google gives the list of related keywords that people are searching for. Choosing any of these topics will bring down the competition drastically. 

How to find a micro niche for blogging?

Now, if you want more precise data on how many people are searching for this topic, Do simple keyword research. No, it’s not that hard and it’s completely free. 

Head over to AdWords Keyword Planner and choose Keyword Ideas. (You can also use Ubersuggest or Answer the Public to get more keyword ideas. I will stick to Google AdWords for now)  

Enter your chosen topic. And here we go!

How to do a keyword research.

The topic “trekking in north India”, “Trekking in Himalayas” and “Trekking for beginners in India” appears to be a great micro-niche. It has around 1k to 10k search volume per month and most importantly it is a low competition keyword. 

However, bear in mind that micro-niche has its drawback. In the long run, you may have to struggle to generate fresh content because of the limited space. And that will affect the growth. 

Research the earning potential. 

To earn from your blog, you need to make sure the traffic and the way how you can utilize this traffic to monetize your blog. 

To check this, we will see any brands or stores advertising on google for our exact keyword or related keywords. 

Let’s see trekking gears in India. 

How to monetize your blog?

This brand is spending its money on advertising on Google, which means I can monetize my blog with Google AdSense Ads. 

But a more reliable and better approach would be promoting and selling affiliate products through your blog. 

There comes a bigger question.

How to find affiliate products to promote?

We will do it in 4 steps. 

Step 1

Check the advertisers and top website of search results whether they have an affiliate program or not. To find out, scroll down to the bottom section of their website. In the footer section of any website’s, you will find the affiliate section if they have an affiliate program.

Step 2

If not, the next and the best step you can do is join the Amazon affiliate program. 

Head straight to Amazon and enter your keyword. Now you can find a lot of products which you can advertise.

How to find affiliate products to promote?

The best part about Amazon is if any customer enters through your affiliate link and buys something, you will get a certain percentage of commission for sending them to Amazon. Isn’t that cool? 

Step 3

If you are not satisfied with that, you can also search for more affiliate products or services by simply searching for your keyword + affiliate as shown below. 

How to monetize your blog?

Step 4

And the final thing you should also check is your competitor’s blog. See how they are monetizing. 

By researching competitor’s blogs you can replicate their money-making strategy. 

See if there is a way to create your products/services in your Blog Niche.

In this digital age, we have tons of information at our fingertips. In Fact, we have information overload. 

But there is a lack of and demand for organized information.

If you have experience in your niche, you can build authority too. Once people trust you based on your experience, they will be ready to buy things and services from you. 

See if there is any way you can create your online course or e-book or any services for your audience.

If you can add value to people’s lives from your experience, isn’t it a fantastic way to monetize your niche?


Starting a blog is easy. But Picking the right Blog Niche is the tedious yet The most important task.

Do proper research on every topic as mentioned in this article.

When you are happy with your blog niche, start writing quality content that helps your readers to get information and you to stand out from the crowd as an expert. 

It may take some time to see the results but you will achieve the results eventually, be patient, and work consistently. 

Your hard work will not go waste.

Happy Blogging.✌ 

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